The Women Who Burned Mountains | Sneak Peak

Stories for Strangers.

Here is a sneak peak of my new work, The Women Who Burned Mountains. This story profiles the life and legacy of a strong line of mountain women who came to inhabit the MacTom house of Savoy, Massachusetts. These women were fiercely independent, morally-complicated characters who subverted the dominant narrative of the roles of women in their time. It is a pleasure to share a snippet of my findings with you.

Hold mountains in your heart,



The sleepy hallow of Savoy nestles within the Berkshires of Massachusetts. It is shrouded from the world by steep foothills and an ancient forest landscape of hemlock, spruce, birch and maple trees.

Time moves slower here. Not much has changed since my mother was a girl skipping stones at Plainfield Pond. The good folk’s homes groan slightly to the side as if leaning on the mountain for support.

The harsh February wind buffets…

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