No one does more for veterans.

When a young person raises their right hand taking the oath of enlistment to serve in the U.S. Military, he or she willingly accepts the inherent risks associated with defending our country.

Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen are trained to fight our nation’s enemies under adverse conditions in any environment.

After leaving the military, however, these veterans are much less prepared to fight for benefits earned while serving during an overseas campaign.

Fortunately, due to the steadfast support of the men and women of the VFW in Massachusetts and across the country, these veterans know that they will not be fighting this battle alone.

VFW State Service Officers are staunch advocates for veterans seeking advice relative to managing the byzantine process of accessing VA benefits. Any veterans, regardless of service, stateside or overseas, members or not, can seek assistance from the VFW.


Delray Dorsey is the State Service Officer for Massachusetts and a Gulf War Navy veteran. He understands the frustration felt by campaign veterans seeking help with the VA and his staff is specifically trained to handle federal claims on their behalf.

“They come into the office looking for guidance and from start to finish, we are working with that veteran,” said Dorsey from his office on the 15th floor of the JFK Federal Building in downtown Boston.

“We help them wade through the bureaucratic red tape and whatever resources that the veteran needs, we help provide it,” said Dorsey, who also serves as Post Commander for VFW Post 1399 In Weymouth, Mass.

A certified EMT, Dorsey possesses a granular understanding of the medical nuances related to many VA claims. As well, his assistant Leah LaPointe is a paralegal and brings her expertise to her role as claims consultant and office manager. She has served in this position for seven years.

Dorsey describes Lapointe as the ‘backbone of the office.’


“I enjoy helping people,” said LaPointe with a bright smile.  

“You aren’t going to get rich doing this job and you have to want to help someone, who better than someone who served our country? asked the Jamaica Plain native.

Certain cases take years to resolve and if the outcome is favorable to the veteran, LaPointe shares their sense of relief.

“We do the research, take the time and intervene when we need to,” said Lapointe whose father and husband are both veterans.

“I have had the unique experience of telling someone good news and they cry, then I cry” she laughed.  “It’s extremely rewarding,” she added.  

Both Dorsey and Lapointe, armed with their respective medical and legal expertise, comprise a strong team representing the Boston VFW office.

“When a veteran comes in for help with a claim, they are never handed a packet of paperwork to fill out. We manage the paperwork and the only thing they leave here with is a handshake, a business card and a smile,” he said.

Veterans are encouraged to contact Delray at and Leah at or call 617-303-5689 for assistance with VA related claims.

“Our door is always open,” said Dorsey.

The Boston VFW office is located at the JFK Federal Building Suite 1500C, Boston Ma. 02203        


Video by Allyson Morin. Article by Matt Benedetti. Executive Recognition Service.




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