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Services We Offer:

Website, Social Media Content


  • Gold Tier – A Video with Article and Photos.
  • Silver Tier – Article with Photos.



A podcast aggregating several related stories under a topic of your choice.


  • Gold Tier- Episodic. Promote your business with a series of podcasts released regularly. Gather an online following sharing stories important to you.
  • Silver Tier – Standalone. Test the waters with a one-time podcast to promote your business or idea.

Let us tell your story.

Small Businesses

These businesses are started as a passion, the culmination of a life’s work and need more than advertsising to convey their value to their customer base. In today’s changing enconomy we are all entrepreneurs. Allow Salute Press to market your business with naturalized advertising method.

Family Heritage

So many of our seniors have remarkable life stories that are lost forever because they were never recorded (raising children, serving in the military, starting businesses, overcoming hardship). Salute Press journalists have an innate ability to allow individuals to relax and relate their life story. It is critical to hear these important life narratives before time and memories fade.


Matt has covered the men and women of the US military for over 13 years and understands the universal need of individuals to be acknowledged for their work and commitment. A staff sergeant with the 104th Fighter Wing, Matt has earned numerous decorations and awards since joining the military after the 9/11 attacks. A veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, he has served as a Soldier and Airmen during a distinguished career that saw him cover stories from across the world. Covering the Marines, Soldiers, Airmen, and Sailors who embody the strength and pride of our country have been an honor for Matt.


“Matt is interested in the quiet courage of compelling individuals and takes pride in eloquently telling their story – because everyone has a story to tell.

The Process

Story material will come primarily from a meeting, research and interviews with
relevant parties. Photos, on-scene footage, correspondence and other related documents will also be integrated into the final version of each publication.

Article topic will be discussed and agreed upon and all content will be approved by
relevant parties prior to publishing. Finished products will be pitched to media outlets and can be used in conjunction with existing social media.

Family, friends and the community will undoubtedly be interested in the content but the memorable and high profile nature of the story will be distributed to maximize impact.